2017 Online Holiday Exhibition

This exhibition runs through January 15, 2018 and features art from our Active, Signature (SSA) and Master (MSA) members.

Some of the art in this exhibition is for sale, if so, a price will be listed. Prices are in USD and do not include shipping or applicable sales tax. If you are interested in purchasing work, please contact the artist directly.

Congratulations to our award winners!

Master Division:
– First Place: Ginger Gehres, MSA – “Monkey Business”
– Second Place: Lori Dunn, MSA – “Here Today”
– Third Place: Cathy Sheeter, MSA – “The Homesteader”


Open Division:
– First Place: Tamara Pokorny, SSA – “Behold But Beware”
– Second Place: Diana Höhlig, SSA – “Thoughtful”
– Third Place: Andre Junget – “GCT Mercury”


Master (MSA) Division

(Open Division below)

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Open Division (SSA & Active Members)

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